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VF2F2 - back up Digital cameras to USB Flash Drives.

VF2F2 is a reference design for a VNC1L based stand-alone application. VF2F2 illustrates how to construct a file back up unit for a digital camera with a USB Mass Storage Class interface. At the push of a button, all the picture files on the camera are copied to a unique folder of a USB Flash drive so that the digital camera memory can be re-used to take further pictures. This is an ideal accessory for digital camera users who wish to backup their photos on the road without having to carry a notebook PC, or for people who want to share or swap their photos without requiring a card reader. VF2F2 is powered by two AAA size alkaline batteries.

Key VF2F2 features include :

* Two USB ""A"" sockets connect to Digital Camera and USB Flash Drive respectively
* Uses FTDI's VNC1L unit
* single button file backup function
* Intelligent LEDs illustrate successful drive enumeration, file copy function and error conditions.
* Onboard DC-DC converter supplies the circuitry with 5V and 3.3V power from 2 x AAA cells
* Schematics, firmware and PCB Gerber files available for download
* Assembled/Tested PCB available for evaluation