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Complete evaluation and prototyping platform for VNC2 enabling users to develop USB host and device applications.
The VNC2 is supplied separately on daughterboard modules enabling support for 32, 48 and 64-pin devices.
The V2-EVAL is supplied as a kit together with power supply, USB cable and USB gender changer.
Features of the V2-EVAL kit include:
Socket site to support 32/48/64-pin VNC2 daughterboards (sold separately).
2 USB type-A connectors for USB interfacing to VNC2.
single USB type-B connector for software configuration access via onboard FT4232H unit.
I/O headers providing access to major VNC2 unit interfaces including UART, FIFO, GPIO, SPI and PWM interfaces.
Large breadboard style prototyping area with 1100 x 0.1"" pitch holes for customer circuit development.
Integrated debug interface for connecting to the Vinculum II software development tools.
Can be powered via USB or via external power supply.