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Featuring the new FT232H, this module provides an engineer with an easy way to integrate the FT232H into a proof-of-concept design, or quickly modify an existing product. Using the on-board EEPROM, these capabilities include the ability to configure the FT232H as either a serial data transfer interface (JTAG/SPI/I2C/UART - as well as the new FT1248 protocol) or parallel FIFO interface, at speeds up to 40MByte/s. Built to conform to a standard 0.6" 28 pin DIP socket, this module can be either self or bus-powered, with a robust 3.3V IO structure that can directly interface to 5V logic without buffers. Using FTDI's world class drivers, an engineer can easily establish USB communication to the FT232H using either virtual com port or D2XX royalty-free software.