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The FTDI USB Key is a security unit which has a unique identification number burnt into it during manufacture. This is the FTDIChip-ID number.

This FTDIChip-ID number is only readable over the USB interface making it an ideal key for unlocking particular applications.

The FTDI USB Key has the following features:
Simple to use USB interface to any USB host or hub.
Unique FTDIChip-ID number can be used to provide a security dongle for software
Additional security possible by encrypting the FTDIChip-ID number and storing in the writeable area of the FTDI USB Key EEPROM.

Enhanced security protection using SafeGuard-IT Active-X control for Windows.
This can be used to generate asymmetric public-private key encryption to provide secure dongle functionality.USB Key can be used to unlock security systems access control.