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The DLP-2232PB-G is a powerful integrated module featuring FTDI’s FT2232D 3rd generation Dual USB UART/FIFO together with a PIC 16F877 MPU. Unlike the FT245BM based DLP-245PB, the DLP-2232PB-G allows reprogramming of the 16F877 over USB without the need for a separate flash programmer.

The DLP-2232PB-G is supplied pre-programmed with “”Token I/O”” code in the 16F877’s ROM for basic port pin input/output capability (see data sheet for details).

The DLP-2232PB-G plugs into two 25 way SIL header strips (supplied).

The DLP-2232PB-G is now lead free and RoHS compliant. It uses the lead free FT2232D chip.